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I’m surprisingly great at saving my money , nowadays .. if I keep this up , I may just be on my way ( by PLANE , God help my soul ) to Cali to see my babies in no time . Very , very , very , very happy ( yet extremely nervous because it’ll be my first time EVERRRRRRRR doing so, but ANYTHING for themmmm ) about this .

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the fact that #PapaAdams is gonna be a grandpa again …….

it really , really warms my heart … because ..

I mean , I could cry ..

he LOVESSSSSSSSS Lena just .. so much ..

I can only imagine how much he’s gonna love & spoil this new little one .

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Was that your hand on my ass?


Sherri was dead serious…she will cut you bitch.

I’m crying .. because .. it’s so cute … I mean .. Teri’s facial expressions when it comes to Sherri’s well …. EVERYTHINGGGG … and like .. WHAT IF SHE’S REALLY GONNA BE IN THERE ?! and Sherri was SO set on her woman LOL I love them so . 

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Sherri Saum attends the Stella & Dot Trunk Show To Benefit the HollyRod Foundation on April 17, 2014 in Encino, California. (X)


Oh, god, I want to be Holly, right now.

I just wanna breathe the same air while in the same room with her .. it’s just too muchhhh for my little bitty life . I’m crying !

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